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About this site

Forget that your wife has run off with your boss or your husband has eloped with his secretary, forget that bills travel through the post at ten times the speed of your monthly salary cheque – which isn’t big enough to pay them anyway, and forget that politicians exist only for the purpose of making your life a misery; Richard’s Jokes is all about starting the day with a smile and putting all of that garbage into its proper perspective.

Richard’s jokes has a secondary purpose and that is to help expand your English vocabulary; after all, what better way to perfect a language than to master its humour?

Richard’s Jokes is also intended to be interactive. We want you to participate by sending us your funnies in the form of jokes or cartoons. All will be read, some will be edited and not all will be published, but send them anyway and please keep them clean and the language moderate.

From time-to-time Richard’s Jokes will provide a cartoon or photograph without a caption. We will want you to provide a suitable caption and the best one received will be published.

Have fun and remember … a laugh a day keeps you sane!